Osborn Shoes

Osborn Shoes

Happy Feet

Your spirit fingers make a cameo more than once a day. And your jazz hands? Let’s just say there had to be an intervention — and it wasn’t pretty. 

Shift the focus downward (your feet are jealous of the attention!) with bright, bold shoes by NYC-based design duo Osborn.

The fair trade, jazz-inspired oxfords and booties — featured in our stop-motion video today — come in crazy patterns ranging from polka-dot floral and wool tweed to an in-your-face safari print.

The coolest part: They’re all handmade in Guatemala from old blankets and clothes, African kente cloth, and vintage handwoven fabrics, and all have comfy leather soles and cotton linings.

So let your feet do the talking.

Available online at osborndesign.com.