Freelance Whales Debut Album

Freelance Whales Debut Album

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When it comes to memorable band names, we’ve heard some good ones: The Moldy Peaches, Butthole Surfers, and, of course, Chumbawamba.

But newcomer Freelance Whales is our fave — and the music lives up to the awesomeness of the moniker.

In today’s video, they perform “Generator 2nd Floor” from their amazing new album, Weathervanes. To prove how great they are, we got ’em to play acoustically in an apartment hallway — no fancy sound mixing required.

The group honed their skills on the streets and subways of NYC, where they still play at the Bedford L stop on occasion.

If you want to see them live, they’re touring nationally through May 21.

For more information and tour dates, go to myspace.com/freelancewhales. Buy the album online at itunes.com.