How to Do a Salon-Quality Blowout at Home

How to Do a Salon-Quality Blowout at Home

Hairstylist Julie Dickson Shares a Secret

The perfect blowout — one that leaves your hair silky, shiny, immune to humidity, and lasts, if you’re careful, three days — is magic. And the stylists in salons are magicians, guarding their secrets like the cure to baldness itself.

Until now. Here, Julie Dickson, owner of New York’s Fox & Boy salon (and star of other great hair how-tos, including the perfect messy side bun and cutting your own bangs) demystifies the whole process, from which brushes and hair dryers yield the best results to the all-important “how to make the back of my head look good when I can’t see it” dilemma. We did what she told us, and the results are pretty enchanting. If we do say so ourselves.

Something you’re dying to DIY? Send your video suggestions to easydoesit@dailycandy.com. For more information about Fox & Boy, go to foxandboy.com.

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