Hoopilates with Jen Bleier

Hoopilates with Jen Bleier

You Spin Me Round, Baby

We’ve got major hoop dreams — but not the b-ball kind (we’re way too short and old for that).

We’re talking hula hoops, specifically those being whirled by Pilates instructor Jen Bleier for her new Hoopilates classes in New York.

In this video, Bleier teaches some basic moves you can do from anywhere — and, yes, you will break a sweat.

If you think you can’t get a hoop up to save your life — think again. Bleier uses a handcrafted version by Brooklyn-based Circle Candy that’s heavier and wider than the standard — so it’s much easier to maneuver. Plus, you get a better workout.

Making it a slam dunk.

To buy a Circle Candy hula hoop, go to circlecandy.com. For more information about Hoopilates, go to hoopilatesnyc.com.

Music by Theresa Andersson and Yacht