How to Drink Scotch like a Pro

How to Drink Scotch like a Pro

A Lesson from Whisky Expert Ricky Crawford

“A bottle of Boone’s Farm followed by a Zima flavored with Skittles.” — Us, 1997

“Single-malt Scotch, please.” — Us, 2012

Responsible for this personal growth: Ricky Crawford, a former Glenlivet brand ambassador who throws the funniest and most informative single-malt Scotch tastings this side of Glasgow.

In today’s video, he gives us a miniature lesson on how to order — and actually enjoy — a glass of the good Scottish spirit. Do as he says and you’ll be surprised how many heads turn at the bar.

Crawford’s as charming as he is Scottish. (Yes, the man wears a kilt.) And now you can book his services for all your soirees (birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc.).

Just don’t take any cheap shots.

To book Crawford for a tasting, go to rickyshopscotch.com.