Inside Story: Heidi Merrick

Inside Story: Heidi Merrick

The L.A.-based designer shows us her home

Los Angeles is full of secrets, from who’s gone under the knife (everyone) to what really happened that fateful night (which one? Exactly.).

Tinseltown designer Heidi Merrick has nothing to hide. For today’s Inside Story, she lets our cameras into her idyllic home, anchored deep in the Silver Lake hills.

What did we discover? Her cherublike daughter, Hiver, jumping on her canopy bed; an Ikea piece she transformed with bright blue paint; and enough light to make sunglasses an indoor necessity.

The place is as much outdoors as in, which is one reason people live in L.A. anyway.

That’s public knowledge.

Shop Merrick’s fall collection (and the pillows you see in her house) at heidimerrick.com. To ogle more homes, check out Lela Rose’s dog elevator, Rebecca Minkoff’s Zen den, and Kaelen Haworth’s DJ booth.