On the Couch: Rachel Brown Performs at DailyCandy

On the Couch: Rachel Brown Performs at DailyCandy

The singer/songwriter plays "Bumblebee" off her debut album

The last thing we taught ourselves was the “Gangnam Style” dance. Someone thought it was the MC Hammer (so you can imagine how good it was).

New Yorker Rachel Brown, on the other hand, taught herself to sing and play guitar during her junior year at Harvard. Now three years later, Wyclef regularly joins her onstage and she’s opened for John Legend.

For today’s video, we invited her to our office to perform the cheerful “Bumblebee,” accompanied by a six-person band (before you ask, that crazy thing is called a kora).

The hype is justified. Notice she’s even picked up the ukulele.

Can’t touch that.

Brown’s debut album, Building Castles, is available at itunes.com. To see more performances, check out our sit-downs with Christina Courtin, Karen Elson, Freelance Whales, and Eliza Doolittle.