The World Cup in Two Minutes

The World Cup in Two Minutes

A Condensed Guide to the Most Popular Sport on the Planet

One look at Ronaldo, Donovan, Kaká, or Drogba, and it’s easy to see why you should follow soccer. (If you don’t get it, do some Google image searches immediately.)

Hot guys aside, soccer is the most popular sport on Earth (except here, for some puzzling reason), and the World Cup starts June 11, meaning the sports bars will be filled with people shouting “Ole!” To help you understand that, and other soccer-specific things, we asked three fútbol nerd friends to give us a quick but comprehensive overview (emphasis on quick).

If this whets your appetite, visit FIFA’s website for player interviews, game schedules, and news. You’ll be saying things like “Maradona should’ve kept Zanetti on the roster” in no time.

Want to take these facts on the road? We made you a handy cheat sheet. If you’re in New York, check out our gallery of the best places to watch the games.

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