Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts from Linvilla Orchards

Garden-Variety Tokens of Affection

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Your brother may get away with an “I Love Mom” coffee mug, but you have always been “the creative one.” A gift from the new garden center at Linvilla Orchards will show Mom how much your love grows.

Earth Mother
She embraced the natural way of life (and has the Woodstock pictures to prove it) long before everyone jumped on the ecofriendly bandwagon. A bag ($15) of live ladybugs and praying mantises is a chemical-free way to deal with her garden pests.

Top Chef
Over the years, she’s happily fulfilled all your culinary requests (PB&J with no crust, please). Linvilla’s famous pies ($12 each), baked fresh every morning, cater to her pastry whims.

Picture Perfect
When you were little, your artistic endeavors were always a source of pride (finger paintings, yes — scribbles on the couch, not so much). Vibrant hydrangeas ($25 and up) are another option for adding color to her life.

This Bud’s for You
She caught you with the wacky tobacky more times than you care to recall. Fresh dill, basil, and sage ($3 and up) are herbs she won’t mind checking in on.

Berry Good
Everyone in the family looks forward to Grandpa’s homemade jams. A strawberry plant ($2-$40) allows her to have a hand in the process from start to finish.

Linvilla Orchards, 137 West Knowlton Road, Media (610-876-7116 or linvilla.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Linvilla Orchards

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