Revive Dry Tresses with Fiberceutic

A New Moisturizing Treatment

laurentius salon conditioners!

You’ve experimented with homemade conditioners (mayonnaise, beer, egg yolks) — only to be left with iffy results and sticky hair.

Leave the smoothing to Laurentius Salon; its latest service is a Fiberceutic formula full of ingredients like water-activated molecules and Intra-Cylane. Even if you don’t follow the complex lingo, you’ll be sold by an instantly shiny mane.

A special comb-through serum is followed by a subtly scented mask application (moisture rich for thick, added volume for thin). Note: If you bounce from brunette to beachy blonde and back again, your battered tresses will benefit big time.

The whole process takes about ten minutes, so you’re in and out before you can flip through an entire magazine. After all, healthy hair needn’t be rocket science. 

Available at Laurentius Salon, 815 Christian Street (215-238-0764 or laurentiussalon.com), $45 for a single treatment, $110 for three.

Photo: Laurentius Purnama / Courtesy of  Laurentius Salon

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815 Christian St
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