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Teaspoons & Petals Keeps Your Taste Buds Happy

Custom Tea Blends by Alexis Siemons

teaspoons and petals!

You like your tea like you like your love life: a little bit spicy but still pretty sweet — though you’ve yet to find The One in either category.

Let matchmaker Alexis Siemons of Teaspoons & Petals help you with the former. The tea aficionado creates bespoke blends for when you want the perfect fit.

Start with a consultation to figure out the flavors you dig, then meet at her Old City studio to sip a few samples. Right now her focus is on thirst-quenching iced varieties; past concoctions include cucumber honeydew infusion, a smoky honey bacon lapsang souchong, and a Ben Franklin-inspired quaff.

Siemons has a five-bottle minimum, so we suggest commissioning her to mastermind beverages for birthday parties, baby showers, or barbecues. She makes sure her teas complement the menu and can even add natural coloring.

Because, all joking aside, looks do count.

Available by email order (alexis.siemons@gmail.com), $200 and up, plus ingredient fee. For more information, go to teaspoonsandpetals.typepad.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Teaspoons & Petals