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A Field Guide to Philadelphia Potion

Origin: On initial inspection, perfumes appear to be of French origin. Further investigation proves that each is actually concocted on native soil.

Biological makeup: Made from a variety of natural ingredients like Roman chamomile and rose absolute. Batches sit for two months to allow essences to mingle. Atypically, a base of jojoba or coconut oil is used in place of alcohol.

Appearance: Tiny glass bottles affixed with gold wax seals. Labels with old-fashioned, lacy script appeal to the romantic at heart. Facial compresses, lip balms, and soaps are also noteworthy.

Variations: Tobacco has a smoky, sultry scent; Fawn, subtle smells of grapefruit and pepper; and Fairy, a hint of spicy clove. Other species include Rabbit, Swan, and Earth. Layering is encouraged, and custom blends are made upon request.

Implementation: Casual research reveals that a dab on various pulse points drives the opposite sex wild.

Available at Franklin Square Boutique, 128 North Third Street (215-238-0626), $10-$60. For more information, go to philadelphiapotion.tumblr.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Potion

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