Size Up Little Feet with the Pitter-Pad iPad App

Measure Them from Heel to Toe at Home

baby feet!

Your child’s little piggies are so cute you can’t go a minute without nibbling them. (Yeah, it’s a foot fetish. So?)

For the love of those precious pedals, check out the Pitter-Pad iPad app. The so-simple-it’s-genius free download measures infant and toddler shoe sizes with a few easy touches. Just set your iPad in front of your tyke, place her bare foot on the screen, and move a digital line to gauge height and width. Within seconds, her shoe size pops up.

Imagine: no more shopping meltdowns (“But I don’t wanna try it on”) or risky online order guesstimates (return shipping stings, doesn’t it?). Instead, you get a fun way to engage your child and watch her grow.

You’ll be head over heels.

Available online at pitterpad.com.

this week in philadelphia!

CPC Designs Summer Sale

What: Get 25 percent off locally made togs (reg. $30-$70) in seersucker and other breezy fabrics that stand the test of time.
Why: Red polka dots or blue stripes look just right on the Fourth.
When: Thru July 15.
Where: Online at cpcdesignsinc.com. Enter code SUMMERSALE at checkout.

Right Steps

What: The Bucks County boutique preschool and child care opens a Rittenhouse branch.
Why: Bet the vegetarian menu options, yoga, and convenient locale win the applause of Center City parents from blocks around.
When: You need a hand.
Where: 1535 Locust St. For info, call 267-773-7588.

Wawa Welcome America

What: Family-pleasing events like the Super Scooper All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival and Independence Day parade pop up around the city.
Why: Can’t get much better than a fireworks finale.
When: Thru July 4.
Where: Locations and schedule online at welcomeamerica.com. Ice Cream Festival, adults and children, $7. Admission to all other events is free.

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Right Steps
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