Bandit Clothing Keeps You Cool in the Concrete Jungle

Easy Summer Clothes

bandit shirt!

Your plan for staving off the heat in flip-flops and a bikini works only at the beach.

Consider Bandit, MaryEllen Harley’s clothing line, your antidote for a sweltering city summer.

The locally made collection of throw-on tops and dresses works for lazy days when you can’t be bothered to even pull a zipper; loose arm holes and airy silhouettes offer instant AC.

Bits of Victorian lace are reimagined as feminine tanks, while breezy shifts made from embroidered tablecloths do double-duty as beachy cover-ups and laid-back date attire. Find neutral shades of cream and sooty gray with subtle stripes and ombre effects; Harley uses everything from powdered Moroccan dyes to Rit pulled off the supermarket shelf.

Packing for a vacation? Cram a few pieces into your suitcase; they easily camouflage a wrinkle or two.

See? No sweat at all.

Available at Reward, 55 North Second Street (267-773-8675 or rewardproject.com), $98-$198.

Photo: Courtesy of Bandit

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