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Eat a Better Burger from Philadelphia CowShare

A Sustainably Raised Beef Delivery Service

philadelphia cowshare!

You like your burger piled with fried egg, avocado, even chocolate-covered bacon. But eating sketchy beef? Even you’re not that crazy.

Philadelphia CowShare has a way to enjoy meat without the bull: Order locally sourced beef through the company (delivered to your door) and rest assured that it’s up to par. CowShare has high standards, dropping in on nearby farms to ensure that they use sustainable, organic methods and raise grass-fed cows.

Before committing, clear out your freezer. A minimum order of an eighth of a cow gets you sirloin steak, London broil, and everything in between. Get the whole cow (and a sweeter price) when you go in with carnivorous co-workers, friends, or family. When you throw some on the grill, guests will be impressed that their meat is free of hormones and antibiotics.

No matter which way you slice it.

Available online at phillycowshare.com, $410 and up.

Photo: Adam Cohn / Courtesy of Philadelphia CowShare