Make a Playdate with Playground Fitness

Work Up a Sweat Outdoors

playground fitness outdoor workout!

Whether back to school means anything to you these days, here’s a class to look forward to. Held on the playground, CoreFitness sessions swap reading and ’rithmatic for the best part of the day — recess.

Prerequisite: A good night’s sleep.

Supplies: Water, sports bra, towel, and workout gloves (optional).

Course Work: Students are tasked with a variety of exercises. Scale boulders, scamper across the jungle gym, and perform pull-ups on the monkey bars. Jumping jacks and walking lunges increase heart rate; one-legged squats on the seesaw challenge core strength. Clamber up the net to test both agility and balance.

Age-Appropriate Materials: A spongy surface cushions grown-up knees.

Objectives: To tone arms, core, and butt — and feel like a kid again.

Playground Fitness, Thursdays, 6-6:50 a.m., at Eastern State Play Pen, North 22nd Street, at Brown Street (215-421-7856 or core-fit.com), $15 per class or $99 for ten classes.

Photo: Susan Banchek

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