DailyCandy's Guide to Self-Improvement

A Makeover We Can Get Behind

philly paws wellness clinic!

In a perfect world you’d speak three languages and volunteer in foreign countries. But there’s no need to venture far to get on the right path. Here, a few local suggestions to get you started.

Animal Instinct
You claim you’re not territorial, though your last roommate begs to differ. Redeem yourself by acting as temporary foster parent to a cat or dog from PAWS Wellness Clinic (2900 Grays Ferry Avenue; 215-298-9680).

Mind Your Manners
The hours you spend on Facebook have done little for your people skills. Before the occasion for actual human interaction arises, brush up on etiquette with help from Dawn Burke Sena, the unstuffy expert behind Social Solutions (215-627-0131).


Dad is on speed dial for whenever you need something repaired. Take matters into your own hands at West Philly Tool Library (1314 South 47th Street; 215-833-3190). There’s a sliding-scale membership, and 2,500 gadgets and tools like drills and ladders are yours for the borrowing.

Attitude Adjustment
Despite those strategically placed tattoos, you feel your street cred slowly slipping away. Left-of-center Wooden Shoe Books & Records (704 South Street; 215-413-0999) hosts readings, movies, and discussions to keep you from tumbling too far into the mainstream.

Clean Up Your Act
Judging from the ever-present pile of clothing on the floor, you struggle with wash-and-fold. Wash Cycle Laundry (888-611-9274) has your back: The cleaners there load everything onto a bicycle-pulled trailer and launder it in energy-efficient machines with ecofriendly detergent.

You’re on your way now.

Photo: Courtesy of PAWS Wellness Clinic

PAWS Wellness Clinic
2900 Grays Ferry Ave
bt 29th & 30th Sts
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Wooden Shoe Books & Records
704 South St
@ S 7th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
West Philly Tool Library
1314 S 47th St
@ Woodland Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19143