Nino Brand Keeps You Cozy (Minus the Frump)

Bela Shehu's Fall Collection

nino brand!

Last year, your cold weather wardrobe revolved around a faded hoodie and a few nubby sweaters.

Your fashion forecast isn’t so bleak now that designer Bela Shehu is here. The intricate fall collection from her line, called Nino Brand, comprises cleverly cut patterns that fit together like puzzle pieces.

Tuxedo stripes run down skinny trouser legs, while hems dip low on slouchy, asymmetrical dresses. Cloaks with voluminous hoods and sleeves steer clear of hobbit territory; wool and crinkly silks get dressed for the season in a sober palette of steel blue, gray, and black.

A firm believer in keeping things local, Shehu assembled a team of Philly seamstresses to meticulously stitch each garment.

Just another reason we feel all warm inside.

Available by appointment (267-496-5208 or bela@shehu.net), $345-$1,195. To see styles, go to ninobrand.com.

Photo: Jon Stars / Courtesy of Nino Brand