The LifeLine Technique to the Rescue

A Head-to-Toe Wellness Treatment

lifeline technique!

’Tis almost the season for eggnog and parties. And breaking the bank on tons of presents.

Start the holidays on a high note with Judy Moon’s LifeLine Technique, which works on melting away mental and physical woes without your hopping on the massage table.

Settle into a chair fully clothed and answer a round of questions about your current stressors. You don’t need to divulge everything, but Moon’s warm nature makes it easy to unload.

The treatment relies on fourteen modalities. There are eyeglasses in every color of the rainbow, essential oils, and crystals; a tuning fork to balance chakras; and muscle reflex testing (light touching of the arm) to discern what’s out of whack.

She sends you out the door with your own affirmation (ours was “I am calm. I am calm.”) to maintain the mellow vibe.

Which could be the best gift of all.

Available at Judy Moon and Associates, at Washington Square Chiropractic Wellness Center, 604 Washington Square South (267-671-0861 or judymoon.com), $100-$125.

Photo: Melissa Mang / Courtesy of Judy Moon and Associates

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