A Holiday Gift Guide for Tailor-Made Experiences

Interactive Presents

an experiential gift guide!

Plan on surprising cousin Sarah with slippers? Chances are she’d be happier with a lump of coal. Sub iffy presents with personalized experiences that are a pleasure to be had.

Woof, There It Is
If your pup could talk, she’d ask for more slobbery rounds of catch. Rittenhound Dog Walking & Pet Sitting steps in by taking her to the park, while you do overtime at the office. And Ginger’s leash won’t get tangled with other pooches, since all outings are one-on-one ($13 and up).

Word Up
Your best friend considers herself a blogger extraordinaire, though how to use a semicolon escapes her. Susan Perloff whips would-be scribes into shape with private classes that touch on subjects like grammar for grown-ups and conquering writer’s block ($150 for three hours).

Face Time
Sis preaches the natural way of life, but a peek in her makeup bag proves otherwise. Treat her to a coaching session and beauty product overhaul with Jolene Hart ($250). She shows sis how to swap out cosmetics with toxic ingredients and gives tips on nutrition.

Wing Man
Little brother racks up frequent flyer miles on trips to Thailand and Belize. Convince him his hometown is just as cool on an Independence Helicopters tour ($175-$700).

Food for Thought
Mom hit the party circuit and now the brie and crackers are taking a toll. Personal chef Shruthi Bajaj Gima gets her back on track. After an ayurvedic consultation, she comes over to cook eight healthy dishes in one shot ($151). Plus, Gima takes care of the dishes.

Photo: Darren Boucher / Getty Images