Get Your Act Together with Ayurveda for Modern Living

A Healthy (and Manageable) Lifestyle

ayurveda for modern living!

The protein bar breakfast, wear-over-everything cape, and evening-facial-wipe ritual is starting to take a toll on you in more ways than one.

Denise Baron uses the ayurvedic method to help you keep your pact with healthy living, whether you’re battling breakouts or are stressed from work.

The magic happens in an intimate space with crystals scattered about, but her approach couldn’t be more grounded. After a thorough Q&A to determine your dosha, she follows up with realistic tweaks to your diet and lifestyle. She won’t coerce you to bail on your beloved vino completely; she even told us to put more butter on our popcorn.

Ask her to supercharge a session with energy work like reconnective healing, sound therapy with a tuning fork, or Marma touch therapy, which she learned in Indonesia, New Mexico, and South America (we brushed shoulders with a Balinese healer on our way in). Go one on one or book a workshop.

You’ll feel good all over.

Ayurveda for Modern Living, 255 South 17th Street, 29th floor (215-629-9098 or ayurvedaformodernliving.com), $45-$150.

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