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A Friend in Need

jack holmes and his friend!

Best friends are not always for forever.

Perhaps even less so when the besotted is gay, and the object of his affection is his (straight) best friend.

Meet characters Jack Holmes and Will Wright. With the Big Apple as the unrelenting, ever-changing setting, NY-based novelist Edmund White (A Boy’s Own Story) explores their unconventional friendship that spans from the quiet before the tumult of the ’60s through the era of free love.

Jack honestly and frankly accepts his homosexuality and subsequent sexual awakening, while Will struggles to remain faithful in his marriage. The men reach a tenuous balance of friendship and acceptance throughout the beginnings of gay liberation, culminating in the sobering onset of the AIDS crisis.

Told with healthy doses of humor (we promise), the novel explores the seldom written-about friendship between gay and straight men.

Though that’s about to change for good.

Available tomorrow online at amazon.com, $16.

Photo: Courtesy of Bloomsbury USA