Free Spirits Rock Le Petit Paillette

Jewelry That's a Little Boheme

le petit paillette!

Your approach to jewelry is more Jim Morrison than Liz Taylor.

Philly-based designer Nancy Lee is right there with you, forgoing over-the-top sparkle for understated and minimal.

She turns wooden orbs into tiny works of art using a painstaking process. Careful not to smudge, she daubs on Impressionistic pastels and reimagines leopard print in cobalt blue.

Handfuls of vintage African trade beads in glass and brass are scattered along a utilitarian ball chain. Wear a necklace solo or snake multiple pieces up your wrist.

Bracelets dotted with seed beads evoke romantic innocence. The stretchy strands come in a coordinating set of six; patterns are subject to her whim. Keep one for yourself and dole the rest out to friends.

That ought to light their fire.

Available at Vagabond Boutique, 37 North Third Street (267-671-0737 or vagabondboutique.com); online at lepetitpaillette.com, $48-$74.

Photo: Courtesy of Le Petit Paillette

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37 N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106