Take a Poi Dance, Flow, and Glow Class

Go Dancing in the Dark

poi dance, flow, and glow class!

Many moons ago, you partied ’til dawn.

When you need to let loose, try the Poi Dance, Flow, and Glow class.

A trip to Burning Man got Ploome’s Christina Stoltz and JJ Johnson hooked on the Maori-based performance art that uses LED balls in translucent cloth pouches.

The basics class teaches moves like the butterfly, weave, and buzz saw. Slip on 3-D glasses in the dark studio to experience the bright swaths of light in full effect. It’s tricky, but we got the hang of it after a few sessions (bonus: no one saw us look silly). Brave souls can attempt to twirl ignited poi (following a lesson in fire safety).

The recently opened space also offers other inventive workouts, such as tribal fan dancing and cardio Hula-Hooping, and gives 10 percent of proceeds to its sister nonprofit Req.1, which supports survivors of gender-based violence.

Now that’s something to rave about.

Class is every Wednesday, 8 p.m., at Ploome, 1040 North American Street, Liberties Walk, suite 1001 (215-238-0200 or ploomephilly.com), $20.

Photo: Joe Perri Photography / Courtesy of Ploome

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1040 N American St
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