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Help, Please: A Back Stroke of Genius

Mom-to-be SuChin Pak gets answers

prenatal yoga!

My first yoga pose was with Elena Brower, co-founder of Virayoga in NYC, more than eleven years ago. I am by no means a yogi, but Elena has taught me to appreciate what simple stretches and breathing can mean to a body and brain on overdrive. When my pregnancy started to get uncomfortable, I went to her for help.

Is there a pose or stretch to help alleviate the back pain I’m feeling from being in front of a computer all day?
Yes, the wall stretch. Stand facing the wall, arms’ length away. Place your hands on the wall and walk your feet away, keeping your hands where they are and sticking your seat out. Breathe deeply, five to ten breaths, as you lengthen your spine from your heart up to your hands, and from your heart down toward your seat. Walk back in and stand tall; feel the space you’ve created inside — both for your comfort and that of your baby.

Virayoga, 580 Broadway, suite 205, New York City (212-334-9960 or virayoga.com).

Photo: Jamie Grill / Getty Images