Coax Out the Pretty with Sevani Botanica Skin Care

Be a natural beauty

sevani botanica skin care line!

Your medicine cabinet brims with not-sure-what’s-in-them drugstore potions because that last oatmeal-honey experiment ended up on your Moroccan rug.

Try Sevani Botanica all-natural beauty line and flip-flop no more.

Conshohocken-based Sheryl Gibbs uses high-performance ingredients that don’t require your whisking egg whites and lemon juice. An aesthetician for twenty-plus years, she enlists clients, family, and friends as guinea pigs and constantly adds new formulas to the range.

Unlike most creams you dab on before bed, the Ageless Eyes Revitalizing serum doesn’t leave skin cranky in the morning. Hyaluronic Wrinkle Defense smudges away years of spring-break sun damage (for shame). You’re no stranger to anointing your locks with argan oil, but Gibbs’s formula conditions without silicone or additives.

So much for being flaky.

Available at sevanibeauty.com, $36-$235.

Photo: Rich Walker / Courtesy of Sevani Botanica