Let Them Eat Cake: Kiwi Crate Celebration Shop

A creative way to gift and goodie bag

kiwi crate!

Dear Parents Everywhere,

Thanks for the invite to Junior’s birthday. We love a good party. Three cheers for pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, and multiple juice boxes before bedtime! (We’re cool like that.)

But for the love of good old-fashioned fun, please don’t send our kids home with goodie bags full of plastic choking hazards and lollipops. Instead, consider the new Kiwi Crate Celebration Shop. The team behind the subscription service that sends monthly craft and science activities to your house now has DIY party packs for your celebration — either as the activity or in place of goodie bags.

Projects range from superhero capes to magic wands to comets. Plus, there are gift crates for the birthday boy or girl. So instead of unwrapping a battery-powered nuisance, your child could get an enriching, entertaining project.

Remember the Golden Rule.

DailyCandy Kids

Available at kiwicrate.com, $5-$20.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiwi Crate