Try Aerial Yoga at Kaya Wellness Center

Guaranteed to make your muscles soar

kaya wellness center's aerial yoga!

We’ve twisted in rooms heated to Hades level and considered taking to the mat buck naked. But we can’t remember the last time halasana left us with a heavenly sensation.

Aerial yoga restores the high.

Entangle yourself in a silky hammock that swishes a few feet above the floor. Wary of heights? Even our teacher confessed her fear, but Cirque du Soleil performers trust the same fabric.

Contort into poses like camel and pigeon while dangling from the ceiling; cocoon yourself and sway womblike in savasana. Hamstrings as tight as the lid on a peanut butter jar loosen with the help of gravity; being airborne eases strain on joints. After a few visits, your once-awkward dismount ends with a graceful backward roll.

Because you’re light as air.

Kaya Wellness Center, 225 Quarry Street (215-550-5344 or kayawellnesscenter.com), $20 per class.

Photo: Zinc Photography / Courtesy of Kaya Yoga 

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225 Quarry St
@ N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106