Rev Up Your Look with Made in Metal

Jewelry with attitude

made in metal!

You stroll past your preppy roomie’s jewelry box without so much as a second glance.

Until you glimpsed Made in Metal’s unapologetic brass and silver accessories, that is. Now you’re willing to beg, borrow, or steal.

The ’70s and Americana-inspired designs are just as appropriate on seersucker-clad ladies as motorcycle babes. Horses gallop across two fingers; ram heads punctuate a slim bangle. Convinced a goat perched high on your mousing hand might be a workplace hazard? Hang a turtle or plane pendant from a chain for a less precarious fashion statement.

Small-time jewelry-making between two friends became a business once admirers began to request items right off their well-adorned backs. They make each piece to order, and your very own arrives in about two weeks.

Until then, don’t get caught red-handed.

Available at made-in-metal.com, $50-$400.

Photo: Courtesy of Made in Metal