Take the Trash to The Dirt Factory

Composting made clean and simple

the dirt factory!

The only thing your pot of eggshells and orange peels has fertilized is a lingering aroma of rot.

The Dirt Factory puts a lid on your halfhearted attempt at composting.

The community service recently popped up in a vacant West Philly lot. Massive Earth Tub composting systems do the dirty work for you. Solar-powered fans and wood chips drive away foul smells.

Haul in table scraps and coffee grinds (you can drop off up to five gallons of food waste a week). If you’re in West Philadelphia, the University City District picks up leaves. In return, you get free compost when it’s available. Take an urban gardening workshop in the fall and find out if the soil in your backyard is safe before you plant a crop of cherry tomatoes and learn to can.

No need to worm out of this one.

The Dirt Factory, 4308 Market Street (215-243-0555 or universitycity.org). To arrange for leaf pickup, email compost@universitycity.org.

Photo: Ryan Collerd / Courtesy of The Dirt Factory

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4308 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19104