Windows Get Crafty with Hipster Stained Glass

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marina borker stained glass!

Sun catchers run the gamut from flowers and butterflies to equally cheesy holiday scenes.

But Marina Borker’s stained glass window hangings are artful versions we would actually display.

Her geometric compositions bring to mind ’80s-era video games (hello, Q-bert) and high school notebook doodles. Clusters of cubes and optical illusions are born of a childhood obsession with the futuristic classic Tron. She does allow one concession to the oft-sentimental medium — a rainbow hovering atop a fluffy cloud (with no leprechaun in sight).

Simple patterns belie a labor-intensive process that entails slicing shapes, grinding edges, and soldering the whole shebang together. Turquoise, orange, and other mood-lifting brights gleam in the sunlight. Ask her to create a custom color combination with what she has on hand.

And let your personality shine through.

Available by email order (marina@marinaborker.com), $85-$400. To see styles, go to marinaborker.com.

Photo: John Carlano / Courtesy of Marina Borker