Greenmarket Purveying Co. Makes Scents

Get a whiff of these candles

greenmarket purveying co.!

Your nose knows to steer clear of votives labeled summer breeze, apple orchard, and vanilla cake.

But Greenmarket Purveying Co.’s candles and diffusers smell as good as they sound. Each simply stated scent comes from natural fragrances and vegetable wax. Woven cotton wicks burn clean.

Trick friends into thinking you spiffed up your digs (mopping can be arduous) with Lemon + Cucumber. Balance dreamy Fig + Cassis on the corner of the tub and bring on the bubbles. Jazz Brunch reminds us of the Pimm’s Cups we knocked back on vacation in New Orleans.

Don’t want to light up? Reeds nestled in an apothecary bottle give your home a subtle aroma.

Without a hint of Hawaiian plumeria.

Available at greenmarketpurveying.com, $15-$30.

Photo: Jeffrey Brown / Courtesy of Greenmarket Purveying Co.