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Magpie Pies Vie for Best Dessert Title

Take a bite out of the competition


Announcer 1: In this corner, our reigning champion, Cupcake. In the other, fresh face Holly Ricciardi of Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique.

Announcer 2: Ah, a rookie. Tell us more.

A1: Ricciardi serves slices of plum-cherry-almond and a wicked chocolate peanut butter mousse at her eat-in space; or you can order ahead for a whole pie to go. Look out, she’s also working with savory options like chicken tarragon with white wine sauce and croque monsieur.

A2: Yeah, but Cupcake’s icing and sprinkles have made her a winner for years.

A1: Word on the street is Ricciardi learned a few tricks from her grandmother. Her Pennsylvania Dutch baking background makes her a serious contender.

A2: Plus, we hear she’s got a secret weapon. That flaky crust made with butter and a bit of old-fashioned Crisco?

(The crowd goes wild.)

A1: Knocks ’em out every time.

Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique, 1622 South Street (267-519-2904 or iluvmagpie.com).

Photos: Jeff Sacks / Courtesy of Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique

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