Legends of the Crawl

The Yetitoy rides on


Parenting mythology is rich with characters. The baby who slept through the night at two weeks. The toddler who potty trained herself.

So we almost called it a sleep deprivation mirage when we discovered that the elusive plastic-toy-distraction-cum-decorative-living-room-object really does exist. The new Yetitoy is part tricycle, part plaything, and all modern design genius.

The wide, stable ride-on toy is essentially a blank canvas for your child’s imagination. Available in a rainbow of colors — red, green, blue, and pink — the plastic body is meant to be styled with accessories. Choose from a saddle, horns, or earflaps to create your own unique pal. Oversize all-terrain tires handle sidewalk cracks with as much aplomb as they do hardwood floors.

We’ve been using the Yetitoy to transport princess figurines (in saddle pockets) past mountains of couch pillows to the safety of the kitchen island. Come nighttime, when the Yetitoy gets left next to the dining room table, it’s not so abominable.

Available at princelionheart.com, $19-$110.

Photo: Courtesy of Prince Lionheart