One Less Extracurricular Activity

A one-stop shop for after-school activites


Monday is ballet. Tuesday is cooking. Wednesday is soccer. Thursday is swimming.

And on Friday you drive all around town getting the necessary equipment, uniforms, and supplies to keep your kid busy Monday through Thursday.

Or you could log on to Afterschool.com and take the day off. The new site from the dads behind Diapers.com, launching later this week, takes the hassle out of outfitting your extracurricular superstars. Just like its sister site, Afterschool has more than 50,000 products — from ballet slippers to basketballs — for your munchkins. With two-day (or sooner) delivery, merch arrives in time for class, even if you order at the last minute.

Shop by age or activity; checklists ensure you won’t forget tights, kneepads, or other essentials that may have otherwise slipped your mind.

After all, you are one busy lady.

Sign up for more information at afterschool.com. Also launching this week from the Diapers team: bookworm.com, a children’s books site with personalized recommendations.

Photo: Jessica Peterson / Getty Images