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Two New Mouthwatering Cookbooks Launch

"The Brown Betty Cookbook" and "The Latin Road Home"

brown betty cookbook and latin road home!

Philadelphians flock to all corners of the city to sample the handiwork of our favorite chefs. But new cookbooks by Jose Garces (Chifa, Amada, Tinto) and Brown Betty Dessert Boutique’s Linda Hinton Brown and Norrinda Brown Hayat bring the culinary magic home.

The Brown Betty Cookbook
Domain: Classic dessert recipes culled from aunts and Grandma.
Whom to Serve: Thanksgiving guests, your soon-to-be mother-in-law.
Shopping List: Most ingredients are already in your pantry.
Pictures Speak Louder than Words:
The vintage family photos and Alison Conklin’s still lifes are better than licking the bowl.
Most-Anticipated Dishes: Hattie Don’t Play chocolate ganache layer cake, sweet potato pudding.
Pair with: Coffee or Earl Grey tea.

The Latin Road Home
Domain: A jaunt through Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and Peru.
Whom to Serve:
The friend who spent senior year in Sevilla (and still expertly rolls her “r’s”).
Shopping List: Better stop at the Italian Market.
Pictures Speak Louder than Words: Jason Varney’s images make us pine for cheap airfare to Quito.
Most-Anticipated Dishes: Figs in honey syrup with goat cheese, Peruvian donuts.
Pair with: Purple corn punch.

The Latin Road Home is available at amazon.com, $23; The Brown Betty Cookbook is available at amazon.com, $15.

Photos: Alison Conklin / Courtesy of Wiley;  Jason Varney / Courtesy of Lake Isle Press