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Personality Test

At the office, you do your best work:
a) In hectic, Basquiat-like bursts.
b) In moody blocks, à la Rothko.
c) With the pointed precision of Seurat.

Your love life often mimics:
a) Banksy’s sidewalk dramatics.
b) Hopper’s gentle realism.
c) Géricault’s epic romanticism.

No matter your picks, Fabulous Noble portraits are a no-fail way to sum up whip-smart personas. Founder Pierre-Andre Ben Lassin’s global talent roster counts Vogue, Wired, Dolce & Gabbana, Margiela, Gaga, and more as past and current clients.

Cruise the virtual gallery to handpick your artist (from watercolor guru Berto Martínez to pop artist Sunil Pawar) and let Fabulous Noble confirm turnaround time and rates. Next, submit your most flattering photos (’tis nearly the season to gift one) and await your all-original work of art.

Because nobody likes a copycat.

Available at fabulousnoble.com, $650-$3,200. Mention DailyCandy for 15 percent off your purchase (including shipping) through November 30.

Photo: Courtesy of Fabulous Noble