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first person arts festival!

You’re all ears.

First Person Arts Festival

What: Janeane Garofalo, Corey Cohen, and other courageous souls take the stage and teach you how to do the same.
Why: Adam Wade, who brings back memories of the dorky yet endearing guy who asked you to homecoming (he’s still geeky, still hilarious).
When: Thru Nov. 17.
Where: Locations, schedule, and tickets ($10-$65) at firstpersonarts.org.

Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through
What: Shmitten Kitten blogger Anna Goldfarb spills true tales about begging for beer money from her parents and text message breakups.
Why: Her boozy hookups in Fishtown sound all too familiar.
When: Blow through it cover to cover during a dateless weekend.
Where: Available at amazon.com, $10.

Percy Street
Barbecue’s Third Birthday Party
What: John Francis & the Midnight Choir put some twang in your step, while brisket fries, free pulled pork sliders, and a cow-shaped cake remind you why the restaurant is still a city favorite.
Why: Toast the occasion with Oskar Blues beer and extended happy hour specials.
When: Tonight, 5-11 p.m.
Where: 900 South St. (215-625-8510).

Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival

What: Oy, skip the blockbusters and settle in for independent films that explore everything from Brighton Beach to the Bolshoi Ballet.
Why: Whether you’re part of the tribe or not, you want to get that teetering chair feeling during Hava Nagila.
When: Thru Nov. 18.
Where: Locations, schedule, and tickets ($9-$12) at gershmany.org.

Photo: Spencer Ritenour / Courtesy of First Person Arts Festival 

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