Nesting Instinct: Creme Anglaise

Stock up on nursery decor from the South of France

Your French vocab may be limited (high school was a long time ago), but you know chic and tres magnifique when you see them.

Say oui, oui then to Creme Anglaise.

creme anglaise!

A mother of two in Toulouse, France turns out this exquisite collection of pillows, poufs, and mobiles in small batches.

Bells hidden inside mini guitar cushions give the musically inspired pillows/playthings a sweet jingle. Dusty hues, such as rose and pewter, whisper instead of shout. And metallic leather appliques are added for a hint of sparkle.

We promise there’s little chance of the charm getting lost in translation.

Available at cremeanglaise.bigcartel.com, $34-$88.

Photos: Courtesy of Creme Anglaise