Screen Play: Touchdown!

Football movies that are No. 1, inspired by “Silver Linings Playbook”

best football movies!

If you haven’t heard, Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell’s winning rom com about football and crazy people, hits theaters today in select cities (of course) and the rest of the country on Wednesday (sigh).

No worries, we’ve got your secret play. Blitz your friends with our favorite pigskin flicks, then go long with a movie marathon, and, well, you know — touchdown.

Quarterback: Varsity Blues
Any guy who gets propositioned by a cheerleader in a whipped cream bikini has almost as much swag as Johnny Football.

Wide Receiver: Lucas
Throw it to Lucas!

Tackle: All the Right Moves
An early career move by little Tommy Cruise.

Linebacker: Rudy
Ru-dy. Ru-dy. Ru-dy.

Tight End: Jerry Maguire
Cruise in tighty whities, Cuba Gooding Jr. air-drying — no-brainer.

Running Back: Forrest Gump
Run, Forrest, run.

Center: Friday Night Lights
Texas, where life revolves around football.

Safety: Undefeated
You’re in good hands with the Oscar-winning documentary about the Manassas Tigers’s underdog season.

Fullback: The Program
Fill up on booze, ’roids, and college-life drama — vicariously, of course.

Special teams: Remember the Titans
Ryan Gosling on any team is special.

Coach: Wildcats
Not to go overboard, but Goldie Hawn pretty much blindsided the ’80s comedy scene.

Waterboy: The Waterboy
Gatorade or H2O? We’ll take a can of whoop-ass.

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Photo: Dan Lindsay & TJ Martin / Courtesy of The Weinstein Company