Get Creative at The Aviary

An art and design shop to ignite your artistic fire

the aviary art and design shop!

Your finger painting swirls used to inspire endless imagination. These days, you can’t see beyond your phone.

Sounds like you need a field trip to The Aviary, a pocket-size art and design shop in Ballard, where owners Ken Mitchell and Nicole Miller believe we all have the creativity to be artists — we just have to choose to access it.

Mitchell and Miller are on a mission to arouse right-brain action with an exceptional assortment of books, puzzles, stationery, and gifts to get creative juices flowing in a way they haven’t since your kindergarten art class.

Test the theory with painted earthenware vases and bowls from ceramics artist Gail Garcia, titanium mugs from Japan, and a whole slew of Lomography cameras that create photos with saturated colors and vignette shadowing to beat any Instagram filter.

So what if your drawings never progressed beyond stick figures?

There’s an app for that.

The Aviary, 5410 Northwest 22nd Street (206-641-4481 or aviary-creative.com).

Photo: Courtesy of The Aviary

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5410 22nd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107