Mother's Helper: Pink Chicken for Grown-Ups

Bohemian chic goes on a beach vacation

You’ve never particularly coveted your daughter’s fashion sense (unwashed pink tutus not being your bag), but you have eyed her Pink Chicken threads.

Fortunately, the bohemian-chic brand just launched a small collection of mix-and-match pieces for women.

Don’t expect a matchy-matchy extension of the girls’ line (thank goodness). Instead, the designers focused on bringing their Hamptons-esque aesthetic to resort wear with a decidedly more sophisticated cut and palette.

The grown-up additions play out in flowy embroidered cotton dresses and beachy separates. Topping our fantasy list for vacations aboard a yacht (aside from actual vacations aboard a yacht) are drawstring pants in red and gold floral and classic tunics in similarly sunny hues.

Just don’t be surprised when the timeless pieces eventually make their way into your daughter’s closet.

Available at pinkchicken.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Pink Chicken