Wild Chairy Gives Your Furniture a Makeover

A reupholstery service that takes cues from the runways

After years of Sunday afternoon snugglethons, your couch is starting to show its age (sagging cushions, visible wrinkles).

Turn back time with a Wild Chairy face-lift.

Plenty of upholsterers are handy with nailheads, but Andrea Mihalik’s love of fashion sets her apart. She looks to the runway for ideas (plaid, velvet) and covers footstools in vintage fur coats. She pushes the craft even further by swathing the backs of chairs in blackboard paint and incorporating abstract paintings from a fellow creative soul.

wild chairy!

Choose one of Mihalik’s ready-mades or have Grandma’s cherished rocker redone. Either way, its beauty won’t be just skin deep: Though many reupholsters use foam (which lingers in landfills and is filled with chemicals), she fills every piece with horsehair.

No butts about it.

To see styles, go to wildchairy.com. For more information, email andrea@wildchairy.com. Prices upon request.

Photos: Courtesy of Wild Chairy