Flax and Gold Sends Us over the Moon

Gain clarity with a crystal ball-free astrology reading

flax and gold!

Maybe Venus is in retrograde, but all you know is that you’re out of whack.

Get perspective with Flax and Gold.

Corina Dross interprets the sky on the day you were born using a mix of math and intuition. Unlike dodgy fortune-tellers who claim they know when you’ll meet your soul mate, Dross focuses on the big picture. She tunes in to your life’s patterns and themes with a canniness that rivals that of your last shrink. Gone are laborious hand-drawn charts; instead, she uses a digital program and offers Skype sessions.

Thinking about your future? A quick nodal reading can tell whether you’re heading down the right career path. If you’re quarreling with Mom again, Dross studies both your charts and sends you on your way with an MP3 recording of your session.

Everything’s coming into alignment.

For more information and to book an appointment, go to flaxandgold.com, $40-$150.

Illustration: Buyenlarge / Getty Images