The Best of Philadelphia 2013

Boutiques, restaurants, and services we can’t stop talking about

best of philadelphia 2013!

For Philly citizens, 2013 was a good vintage. Thanks to these newcomers, we finally learned to hem a skirt and found our one-stop shop for pizza, brownies, and pie. We’ll drink to that.

Bow down to the gods of gluten: Kermit’s Bake Shoppe

Detox from eggnog and gingerbread men: Pure Tonics

Get the party started: Occasionette

Sharpen your sewing skills: Made

Gather road trip essentials: Fireside Camp Supply

Meet your dairy godmother: Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese

Slurp spaghetti as good as Grandma’s: Little Nonna’s

Turn your hand-me-down sofa into an heirloom: Wild Chairy

Make space in your medicine cabinet: Hollow & Ridge

best of philadelphia 2013!

Photos: Gold Star Photo / Courtesy of Kermit’s Bake Shoppe; Dixon Photography / Courtesy of Hollow & Ridge