Bog Berry Dryer Balls Put a Spin on Laundry Day

Essential as a pocketful of quarters

bog berry dryer balls!

We hate to air your dirty laundry, but chances are chore day at your house is a chemical fest. 

Come clean with Bog Berry dryer balls.

A longtime advocate of natural products, Brooke Petry has a distaste for toxic ingredients that extends quite literally down to her socks. Think of her fuzzy creations as ecofriendly alternatives — one set lasts for years — to dryer sheets.

Petry felts each sphere in her South Philly home using wool from Maine and Lancaster County. The biodegradable balls not only reduce static and wrinkles, but they can even lower your electric bill by creating more space between your clothes and cutting down on dryer time. Before you toss them in, dot on essential oils for a subtle scent.

Feel free to thank her for freshening things up.

Available at bogberrydryerballs.com, $36 for six.

Photo: Lotus Root Studio