Not to Burst Your Bubble

Babooshka: n., interj. 1. A head scarf or old lady who wears one (Russian) 2. slang for “show us your boobs” (Urban Dictionary) 3. indispensable summer shorts (DailyCandy).

Wow. One word, so many ways to have fun.

But this one’s the best: Babooshka bubble shorts, made by local designer Francesca Sloan, look like sexy, thigh-length jodhpurs and come in playful patterns and bright colors.

Wear them while walking, dancing, or dining; Sloan makes all her garments (cute dresses, too) out of stretchy, comfortable knits, so they expand and breathe while looking killer with boots, flats, a beater, or a blouse.

As for how great you’ll look in them?

It’ll defy definition.

Available at Babooshka, upstairs at Echochic, 1700 Sansom Street (215-569-9555).