Quit in a Capsule

Three. Two. One.
Blast off.

You are about to quit smoking. Again.

And it all starts in a space-age-looking capsule called the Sunspectra 9000: a new, totally bizarre approach to detox.

Enter the Pure Bliss Wellness Center & Spa, strip naked, and allow the technicians to seal you inside said capsule (your head will be outside, under a molded plastic hood).

Then the fun begins: You’re treated to a half hour of 180-degree dry heat, light therapy, vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and ionized air in the face, keeping you cool as you sweat out the last five years of nicotine. At the end of it, your lungs will swear you just exercised.

Will you never crave another cigarette? Unlikely. But every little bit helps. Because, as anyone who’s ever tried will tell you, quitting smoking isn’t exactly rocket science.

It’s much, much harder.

Pure Bliss Wellness Center & Spa, 1704 Walnut Street (215-732-7873 or pureblisswellnesscenter.com).