Jazz Hands

You and your Civic have been through a lot together. But sometimes you wonder if you have much in common anymore.

Your manicure’s perfect; its paint job is a mess. Your clothes are spotless; its upholstery’s in shreds. And you’d never allow yourself to be pimped, but your ride’s just about begging for it.

All That Jazz will do the honors (minus the part where Xzibit shows up at your crib and slaps you down). They specialize in older car audio (vintage veneer, modern wiring), video, alarms, bodywork, paint, and accessories.

Want built-in radar, rear-view cameras, and embedded subwoofers? No problem. They’ll oblige any automotive dream, whether it’s a DVD flip-down on a late-model Pathfinder or a new interior, two extra captain’s chairs, a remote-controlled bed, and three back monitors on an ’87 van. Of course, pimping has a price: A basic stereo job goes for about $70 (labor only), while a whole-car revamp runs upward of $12,000.

Sure, it means that your wheels will be way more high maintenance.

But at least you’ll have something in common again.

All That Jazz, 617 South 24th Street (215-545-5293).