Cute of the Loom

You’ve eschewed the McLunches and ditched the processed cookies. For you, it’s organic all the way.

Well, almost: Socially conscious clothing still conjures images of hemp muumuus and dreadlocked hippies in drug rugs.

If the idea of environmentally friendly clothing has you running for the pesticide-treated hills, take heart: Loomstate’s 100 percent organic cotton jeans offer a stylish, earth-friendly alternative.

Loomstate’s denim isn’t treated with toxins, so the pants are good for people and for the planet. Designed by Rogan Gregory (of Rogan Denim), they fit well and are affordable to boot. The Mantra, a slim-cut, straight-leg jean available in several finishes with adorable polka-dotted pocket lining, makes “ecochic” seem a lot less like an oxymoron.

Which is more than you will ever be able to say for “delicious tofu brownie.”

Satya Boutique, 701 South 9th Street (215-627-3440). To see styles, go to loomstate.org.